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Fertilization provides the lawn with what it needs to grow and thrive! Fertilizers include various nutrients as well as pre-emergents, surfactants, iron and other supplements. Most fertilizers consist of some combination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as the main or primary nutrients.

Weed Control

Weed control is included, as needed, with all fertilizer applications. The weed control used is a selective weed control that targets most common weeds such as dandelions, chicory, spurge, bindweed, etc. Other products are used to control crabgrass and foxtail, and are also applied as needed.


Aeration is the process of penetrating and perforating the soil in your yard which removes cores from the soil and pulls them to the surface so they can break down. This results in removal of winter thatch as well as a reduction in compaction in the lawn. After aeration, water and nutrients can better reach your grass at the roots!

Field Weed Control

Large areas can be difficult to maintain. Weeds can quickly get out of control, and possibly cause issues. This application will get rid of unwanted weeds in large fields and pastures. This product works quickly to eradicate weeds from the root. Prices vary depending on property size. Please contact us for an estimate!

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Classy Grass Lawn Care... is committed to providing world class lawn care with a local touch. We use only high quality products approved and recommended by Colorado State University Turf Management program, which are applied by your fully qualified technician. Services such as weed control, disease control and insect control are utilized to maintain a healthy lawn by ridding it of pests when necessary. Products such as pre-emergent, slow-release fertilizer and moisture magic are designed to get your lawn nutrients and help keep it healthy. Additional services, such as aeration and mowing, are available upon request. Be sure to ask your technician for recommendations!

Your lawn needs change as the seasons change. This is where your Classy Grass technician's expertise comes in to diagnose and treat problem areas, and continue to do what's best for your lawn. Contact us for an estimate!

Paul Bernklau


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Paul is the owner and operator of Classy Grass Lawn Care LLC. He was born and raised in the Ft. Collins area, and has a passion to responsibly maintain the beauty of Northern Colorado lawns. Paul and his family currently live in Loveland where Classy Grass Lawn Care is based. With over 10 years of experience in the lawn care industry, Paul is committed to providing excellent customer service and using top-notch products to create and maintain lawns his customers can enjoy. Classy Grass Lawn Care is licensed and insured. Please, navigate to the contact page, or click contact for an estimate!

Mission: We want to help you create and maintain a healthy lawn you can be proud of, by using Colorado State University's turf management recommended practices. We provide excellent customer service through the environmentally responsible application of our top quality products.

Helpful Tips


Lawns with more shade will be better off during warm summer days. They will require less water, but may require more mowing to keep up with the growth during times of more natural rainfall.


Summer watering times may need to be 45 minutes to an hour long per area/zone depending on the temperature and your lawn. Most Colorado lawns need around an inch of water per week to maintain health during warm summer months. Ask your Classy Grass lawn technician how you can easily measure how much water your lawn is receiving!


Watering for longer periods on fewer days is better for your lawn than watering everyday. Watering for extended periods allows the roots to grow longer because the water has penetrated deeper. Thus, creating a stronger, more resilient lawn!


Mowing at the proper height will help your lawn stay cooler during warm summer months! Taller lawns also resist weeds better as the seeds have a tougher time reaching the soil to germinate!


Your grass blades are 80% water! You should be careful not to take more than 1/3rd of the blade off when mowing. This can lead to drought stressed lawns, especially if it is extremely warm outside (85°+)! During the warm summer months, you should mow your lawn on the heighest mower setting, and try to mow before 10am or after 7pm!


Core aeration can help loosen hard-packed soil. Hard soils make it more difficult for grass roots and water to penetrate deep into the soil. This means a potentially stressed lawn! Stressed lawns are more vulnerable to disease, insects and weeds!

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